Sunday, April 21, 2013



BT 01 (Blesstea Bottle): 5 BV

BT 02 (Blesstea Sachet): 4 BV

BT 03 (Blesstea Reffill): 3 BV

Latin name: Camellia Sinensis Var. assamica
Place to grow: Cool Region 1200 asl
Best part: Shoots Leaves (Peko)
Tea Ingredients:
Catechin: epicatechin (EC), Epiketekin error (ECG), Epigalo Ketekin (EGC), Epigalo error Catechins (EGCG), Theaflavins (Only found in tea Black)
Vitamins: B1, B2, C, E and K
Minerals: Fluorine, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium and Potassium

Efficacy of Black Tea Blesstea Can Trust:
01. Lowers cholesterol and risk of heart attack
02. Prevent the narrowing of blood vessels
03. lowering Hypertension
04. Minimize the risk of stroke
05. Lowering blood sugar levels in diabetes
06. Increase metabolism
07. Slim and maintain ideal weight
08. Anti-aging
09. prevent osteoporosis
10. Prevent cavities, bad breath and canker sores
11. Meredahkan Stress
12. Increase the power of thought and concentration
13. Overcome the viral infection, bacterial & fungal
14. boost the body's immunity
15. Improve Stamina (Vitality) & Libido
16. Prevent and reduce uric acid
17. Lowering migraine and vertigo
18. reduce the risk of prostate cancer, uterine, breast, etc.
19. Reduce the risk of negative smoking
20. Beneficial for patients with asthma / sinustisis

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