Tuesday, May 15, 2012


LACT Series of fume hoods are provided with air curtain to maintain the interior air conditioning efficiency to save energy. The hood applies a specially designed air curtain across the sash plane. It also prevents the entry of dust, harmful insects and fumes from outside. LACT Series of air curtain type fume hoods are capable of exhausting contaminant, thus preventing leakage and energy is saved.

Features :

  • Air curtain minimize turbulence of air entering the hood so helps in flame experiments.
  • Excellent exterior finish with epoxy powder coat.
  • Interior phenolic laminate is best for preventing chemical contamination.
  • Flat and uniform design helps in cleaning table top easily.
  • Clear glass window sash protects worker from hazards.
  • Blower removes contaminated air preventing suffocation.
Technical Specification
(WxDxH) mm
1800 x 800 x 2350
Exterior SS 41 Plate with epoxy powder coated
Interior Trespa
Work Top Trespa
Window Safety clear glass (5t)
Receptacle 220V
Air Curtain Fan 60W
Optional :
Work Top Epoxy resin
Spray Nozzle Side : 2 ; Center : 1
Blower SUS / PVC
Receptacle 110 V
Catalog No. 26280203

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