Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hematology Analyzer

Convergys®X3 is a heavy duty compact Haematology Analyzer offering an optimal solution
for hospitals, clinics and practices, which require high quality and fast CBC and
20 parameter 3-part WBC differential results.


• 20 parameter 3-part WBC differential
• 25 µl sample volume
• 60 tests / hour


Convergys® X3 features:
• 20 parameters, including 3-part WBC differential: WBC, LYM#, MON#, NEU#, LYM%, MON%, NEU%, RBC, MCV, HCT,HGB, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDW-CV, PDW-SD
• results stored and displayed withhistograms
• 3 part WBC analysis
• integrated QC programme
• colour screen, built in Printer
• selectable units, languages
• internal database, USB ports
• fully automated sample-handling, measurement, clog-prevention
• open tube system
• 25 μl of whole blood Sample volume
• Max. 10 000 records including histograms DATA storage capacity
• RS232 or USB, Bar Code Reader(optional), PS/2 or USB keyboard (optional)
• 3 user level
• 60 Tests / Hour

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