Friday, May 20, 2011

Electrolyte Convergys ISE NG

The Convergys ® ISE NG is a Fully automatic ISE based Electrolyte Analyzer to measure Na+, K+, Li+, Ca++, pH and Cl- concentrations in blood, plasma, CSF and urine.

Convergys ® ISE NG is designed, developed and manufactured in Germany. It has a very compact design and the only interface is an extremely use-friendly LCD touch panel with logically assigned menu structures. The aspiration system is integrated inside the equipment affording an enhanced operator safety and also minimizing the risk of needle contamination. The aspirate probe is designed to accommodate the test samples from a sample cup, capillary or collection tube. The calibrators CAL1 and CAL2 are packed in a cartridge to avoid any undue contamination. With an on-screen Reagent Management System the operator is able to monitor the status of reagents as well as of waste bottle. Both CAL1 and CAL2 can be replaced independently to optimize the operating costs. A dedicated tubing design ensures minimized clogging and an integrated air-liquid-air-liquid rinsing mode helps avoid carry over.

Special Features
  • Large size 240 x 128 dots LCD touch panel.
  • Fully Automatic aspiration of the sample.
  • Integrated Reagent Management System and waste bottle alarm.
  • Dedicated design tubing system, it is not easy to be clogged.
  • Auto-trace function to monitor the drift of electrodes during continuous tests.
  • Large size memory for up to 250 test results.
  • 2 level QC management, 31days QC data can be stored.
  • Integrated statistic analysis.
  • Automatic correlation with 2 level QC serum.
  • To reduce the carry over a dedicated design of an air-liquid-air-liquid rinsing mode is integrated.
  • For reagent management the instrument containing dedicated design calibrator management function.

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