Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gesan Chem500

Gesan Chem 500 clinical chemistry autoanaliser


gesan Chem 500 is provided with two 
dispensing arms. One dedicated to sample
(serum plasma, urine and CSF) and the other
dedicated to reagents.
Both are equipped withe a pre-heater 
system for liquid, a shock sensor and 
a capacitive liquid level detector.
Both arms take a maximum of 7 
second for sampling, dispensing 
and re-washing operations.
The separation between sampled 
liquid and washing solution is assured
by the use of an electro-mechanical
rocker valve for each arm.
Fluid circuits are made of long
life Te on tubing.


gesan Chem 500 wash
stationfor reaction cuvettes
, washes the cuvettes
that bavebeen
used making them immediately
readyto be used, with
a very little
consumption of liquid
(you do notneed to use
a water puri cation system).


gesan Chem 500 is based on Windows XP pro operating system.
A user friendly interface assist the operato and simpli es the daily routine work.
Real time check of liquid levels.
Real time check of patient results.
QC with levy-jennings plot on three levels.
graphic representation of work session.
gesan Chem 500 : the art of simplicity.

1 - n° 49 refrigerated reagents
2 - n° 50 samples (primary
tubes or cups)
3 - n° 50 pre-diluition positions
4 - n° 18 calibrators positions
5 - n° 3 controls positions
6 - n° 6 pediatric positions
A - Sampling needle with
B - Reagent needle with
C - Wash station for optical
D - Reaction tray n° 80
cuvettes bionex
E - Wash station
for needles
F - Colorimeter lamp
G - N° 2 500 µl, syringes

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