Saturday, October 1, 2011

Water Bath

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Water bath
Model No:
CE , FDA, GMP, ISO 9001 , IOS 13485
Specification :
Model YCW-01

Volume 22 L.
Temp setting Analog
Temp readout Thermometer
Temp preset N.A.
Max temperature 100º C
Temp stability ± 0.2º C
Temp uniformity ± 0.01º C
Temp control ON/ OFF
Timer N.A.
Over-heat shutout Yes
Heating element 1.0 KW
Key Features:

- Providing a desired test through a thermostatic temperature with 5º C above ambient to 100º C, ideal for biological, clinical research, medical, bio-chemical, industry and education laboratory.
- Molded bath with rounded corners and seamless stainless steel sides ensures efficient circulation and easy for cleaning.
- Equipped with immersion heating element sheathed with stainless steel.
- Improve temperature uniformity by rotating water stirrer to direct flow to various areas of the tank.
- Optional concentric rings cover minimizes heat loss when you suspend flasks or other vessels in the bath.

- Drain valve and perforated tray are optional for extra cost to meet your requirement.
- YCW-01, are the most practical and economic models, but with excellent performance. Pilot lamp indicates the heater is energized and stabilized. Comes with mercury thermometer for direct readout.

Negara Asal:Taiwan

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